Yong Chang Da (YCD) Bags Manufactory Co.,Ltd established in 1998 and being specialized in customized gift bags, PVC,EVA,TPU packaging bags, and cosmetic bags. We are one of the top quality premium manufacturers in the market.

We have our own production plant,located in Shenzhen of China. We provide products in the very best quality but at the most competitive price to our valuable customers. The floor area of the factory is over 5,000 square meters, which is a multi-functional one, with well trained workers and well-quipped departments including High Frequency heat seal Dept, Sewing Dept, Printing Dept, and Mould Dept .we are able to produce all kinds of bags in different materials. Either by heatseal or stitching. We provide one package services from design , development to production. with good sense and strength in design, we satisfy customers’ desire and requirement.

To ensure our products in the highest quality, all the production model and dies are designed and made in our Molding Department, Additional QC team operates by our experienced staffs, all products achieve 100% quality assurance before shipping.

Looking ahead, we are continues improvement and innovation, Forging ahead even closer relationships and successfully meet the challenges and opportunities.
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